Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Wanted It, I Got It

Have you ever went home from a dance gig and left wondering what the hell is that amazing song played by one of the DJ's? You couldn't ask people to identify the song because you could only describe it as "well.. it's catchy and errr.. it's got this gorgeous string part." The only way was to ask the DJ via MySpace or something but alas, he didn't reply or he's not an active user. So there's nothing you could do except accepting the fact that the song will haunt your head forever.

Well, a similar thing happened to me last Thursday at the Darshan Jesrani gig. I was still in my car when I heard a gorgeous piece of disco blasting through the outdoor speakers, played by one of the opening DJ's (Dea, if I'm not mistaken). At that moment I knew that I had to have that song. Well, what happened next is just like the illustration above, except it doesn't end in a downbeat tone because I've finally found the song in question a few days later! I was browsing through the Tele Music Remixed folder (which I hadn't listened to) on my hard drive and I found there's a remix by Ray Mang. Curious, I clicked play and.. the rest.. is history.

Tele Music - Let's Go To Brasilia (Ray Mang Edit)